Italia 2020 Gennaio

Day 3 – Walked until my feet hurt

Today I saw the Basilica of St. Sabine…

…checked out the sculptures outside the Captoline museum…

…watched the changing of the guard at the tomb of the unknown soldier (Tomba del Milite Ignoto)…

…and saw an exhibit on how Italy became a country and how the language was unified.

Went to the Tempio Maggiore Di Roma, which is gorgeous and has a museum. A lady gave a talk about the history of Italy’s Jewish population, most of which was made up of Sephardi Jews who migrated from Spain during the Spanish inquisition. I also saw artifacts from the time leading up to world war II and clothing from a concentration camp.

In the afternoon, I walked across the Tiber river an explored the Trastevere, where I saw some cool street art, buildings, and statues. I also had an amazingly delicious lunch followed by some great gelato.

Now I just have to decide where to go for dinner. Decisions, decisions…

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Love it! This inspires me to keep a blog next time I travel too. I wish I remembered all the things I did on my Italy trip.

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